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(8min.) for Wind Symphony (Concert Band) Advanced

Eight minute work for Wind Symphony (Symphonic Band)... view details

Battle Musings was written for, and dedicated to the University of Utah Wind Ensemble, Scott Hagen, conductor. The work is not a comment on any particular war or battle; it is rather a contemplation of the tragedy and suffering caused by all wars (past, present, and future), and the seemingly inevitable cycles of violence and peace. It proceeds in reverse order from the present (war/violence), to the past (optimism/peace). The work is in four sections. The first section-Aftermath: Lament for the Fallen-begins in the present (now or any period of time marked by war) and the last-Optimism: Fanfare For Prosperity-concludes the work in the past (prewar prosperity and optimism). The work’s four sections are performed without pause.It was premiered at the 2004 College Band Directors National Association (CBDNA) convention in Reno Nevada on March 27 2004.

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(12 min.) for Wind Symphony (Concert Band) Advanced Forests

Forests began its life as a single movement fantasy for symphony orchestra. The U.S. West Foundation and the 1991 Utah Arts Festival commissioned it. It premiered June 26 and 30th by the Utah Symphony, Joseph Silverstein conducting. Raymond Harvey and the Springfield Massachusetts Symphony, November 1991 gave the second performance. It was recorded June 1992 by Robert Black and the Slovak Radio and Television Orchestra and released in 1993 on the MMC (Master Musicians Collective) Bratislava Series, CD #2002 and re-released in 2000 on the MMC Henry Wolking CD # 2089. An arrangement, published by Walrus Music, for trombone choir (ten trombones) was completed in 1994. This transcription, written for the Utah Wind Ensemble, was completed in September of 2004, and taken on tour to Belgium in May 2005.

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